the working man

when u get home from work. and. get a bj and nut on her face and as she walks to the bathroom to clean up she trips over ur boots and face plants the c-m into the rug
my boy justin. gave that girl the working man last night said it was funny as h-ll till someone had to clean the rug
the working man: a person who is paid minimum wage for doing excess labor.

or possibly the counterpart of a ‘working girl’, therefore a man-sl-t.

or both.

the working man: “kyle is a working man! please do not talk to him! he is very busy!!! >:c”
some one who doesn’t take oppurtunities to get ahead; too honest the opposite of a hustler
a bus driver who works 9-5 5 days a week compared to a club promoter who runs the local gambling ring.

“the working man is a sucka!”

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