a subreddit dedicated to the 45th president of the united states. they largely support dank memes and sh-tposts.
the_donald reached the front page again today, but got downvoted to zero!

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  • rubnoxious

    when a stranger touches you in a club. i was just trying to go to the bathroom and some rando was being mad rubnoxious so i told him i had a boyfriend and that totally solved the problem.

  • cardac

    a name originated from the word “cardiac” meaning ‘heart’ in medical language. the name cardac has 1 meaning, and that is ‘a being with a big heart’. cardac is both a female and male name, while the pr-nunciation is still masculine. person: cardac is such a nice person always thinking of others.

  • hangin chester

    when sitting naked on a wide couch with the knees up so your t-st-cl-s hang freely below you. man, it was so hot in my house today, when the kids left i got naked started hangin chester. the breeze was nice.

  • sand dune

    the only appropriate place on a beach that you can have drunk s-x and not get arrested for public indecency i decided to go for a ‘walk’ in the sand dunes with my ‘friend’ and we got ‘lost’.

  • wreckability

    this is a person who is a wreakless liability. you do know if you go out with a wreakability or date one your in for trouble; but they can be fun she is such a wreckability; don’t take her near bars or dealers

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