an absolute f-cking c-nt
that therealmclovins is a c-nt

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  • slimy chinaman

    when you’re getting a bl-wj-b and you c-m on their eyes causing them to squint. immediately after c-mming, you tell him how much of a disgrace he is to his family for being g-y. todd: bro, max gave me the sickest slimy chinaman the other day. jerry: does it count if i do that to […]

  • turtle cheese

    a chewy substance that is formed from only the truest and most pure rabbit’s milk. “man i could really go for some turtle cheese right about now.”

  • laniece

    stronk independent wuahmahn “wow yoiu can sure tell das a laniece” “ye ye so stronk”

  • how many julies

    only one julie for you! dude, how many julie’s? only one julie for you!

  • rise and bounce

    the act of leaving a friends house early in the morning yeah i can spend the night but i have a dentist appointment at 9 am so i gotta rise and bounce

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