aging gen-x portmanteau for dysfunctional things and people. related terms: thingamabob douche
get these thingamadouche millenials off my lawn.

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  • Tonbridge Reverse Eclair

    s-xual act. whilst partaking in -n-l s-x, the recieving party will begin pushing out a log of excrement till it makes contact with the tip. at this point, the giving party will -j-c-l-t-, injecting his load into the log. this will result in the formation of a tonbridge reverse eclair, which may be decorated with […]

  • Hugamite

    an advocate and provider of free hugs; someone who gives free hugs to strangers with no apparent ulterior motive. oh, that guy in the white van with the free hugs sign? no, he’s not a child predator, he’s just a hugamite.

  • Transjiggler

    “transjiggler” is used in the lgbtqij community and falls under the umbrella-term otherkin, someone who identifies partially or entirely non-human. those who identify as transjiggler are on all levels (besides physical) a jigglypuff. pr-nouns: jigz/jigself or them/they ‘mom, dad… i’m transjiggler…’ #lgbtqij #jigglypuff

  • Expose Him

    a chat where you pick on someone, preferably a mexican. wow did you see that racist comment we made on that mexican in texpose him?

  • Zeebonk

    something your dumb-ss friend will use to merely insult you, or start an insult battle. a zeebonk is a mixture of the animals, zebra and donkey, and is in fact a real animal. -takes picture of zeebonk- “i didn’t know you were here!!” “did you just call me a zeebonk” ##rude #really #onecheek #meanie #thisisntover

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