when you want to say “that”, but you also say “it” so it comes out as “thit”.
joe: did you hear about the earthquake?
john: yeah, i saw about thit on the news.
third person singular pr-noun of an indeterminate and sometimes irrelevant ent-ty in which contains all forms of life, matter, energy, physical laws, dimensional bounds, the illusion of reality and an overabundance of pants. it is quite often refered to as the universe.
observation of the ‘verse often leads to the thought that it is understandable and predictable, thit in effect actually consists of events so random in nature they are in themselves consistant.
a person who acts cool when they really aren’t.
random guy: “yo buddy!! swag man!”
girls: “he’s such a thit”
also known as “that.”

in reference to the word “that” when used twice within the same sentence.
i need one “thit” that piece will fit.

in proper speaking english it would be said: “i need one ‘that’ that piece will fit.” but when said in common speaking languange the first pr-nunciation of “that” becomes “thit”.
angry reply to any offensive statement or action. short for “that’s it!!!” usually followed with a punch in the nuts.
person a: i f-cked your mom last night.
person b: thit!

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