when somebody so thotty and so hoey you need to call them a thoet

pr-nunciation: th-o-t
“karen is such a thoet”

“what’s that?”

“a person who a thot and a hoe at the same time”

“no i mean what’s karen”

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    when you’re talking to your friend and you wanna say you understand them or you get what they mean p1: i’m so hungry man, i need good food p2: hurd you bro i have $20 we could buy some pizza

  • gnyt

    gnyt refers to good night gnyt i have to rest see u later gnyt honey

  • sprintermittent

    sprinting intermittently joe: my controller is sprintermittent and only sprints some of the times (joe is very sad)

  • asusena

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  • h*lla cheating

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