one s-xy mother f-cker that has a huge d-ck and makes any b-tch wet with a flash of a smile
oh that guy is such a thowe

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  • red ropian

    a complete fitness tool who prides him/herself on ” working out like an operator”. he or she is supposedly “in shape”. however, true red ropians only work out to eat more cake. one is completely familiar with the state of mind known as “full r-t-rd” or “mental constipation” as he or she visits this mindset […]

  • moist b*tt

    feeling totes terrible. i feel like moist b-tt today

  • darrianning

    verb, to darrian literally sucking so much d-ck that you cant pr-nounce anything properly for many days after. everytime im darrianning i cant talk to anyone for a week

  • hit it first

    hit it first means, to be the one to take a girls virginity away. to f-ck her first, to be the first one to get the p-ssy “man, remember that girl emily?” “yea why?” “i hit it first yesterday, the s-x was amazing”

  • snail jail

    where you go when you f-ck up “you’re going to snail jail, buckaroo.”

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