(noun) a thot that is even more thotty than most thots; someone that possesses extreme thottiness
tessa: “d-mn, karen is so thirsty that even sleeping with the entire baseball team didn’t quench her. she a thot!”
jasmine: “nah b-tch!! she’s a throt!”
throt (and or throtie), is a derogatory acronym that stands for, “that hoe right over there”. this discriminatory acronym is used when referring to a very ratchet/sl-tty female that is in a close perimeter.
example 1:
guy 1: “dude that girl is hot.”
guy 2: “what the f-ck are you talking about, she’s a throt.”

example 2:”dude bob had s-x with that throtie, and i heard that she f-cked his brother that night also.”

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