Throw it Back

a woman continously grinding back and forth on the p-n-s while having s-x doggy style
1. that girl knows how to throw it back
while males on top “giving it to her” female throws motion back to him.
she throw it back, cause it make ha nut quicker .
(v.) the act of “grinding” very well.
jayp: “ayo… ima see you at the club tonight and you gunna throw it back.yeeeeesssss”
a.finishing a cup of liqour in a gulp
b.dancing(girls grinding on boys)
a.dude 1-you stressed ma dude?
dude 2- yea
dude 1-well throw that bacardi back

b.b-tch, throw it back
in regard to music, whenever somebody plays an older song, or one that is not fresh or new, this is referred to as throwin it back.
“d-mn i havn’t heard this song in forever, you really know how to throw it back!”

“d-mn straight…”
a term used to highlight an awkward situation, often said in drinking situations to encourage others to take another drink of alcohol for the purpose of becoming intoxicated so as to care less about the awkwardness occuring
“that really sucks that your girlfriend hooked up with joe last night.”
“welp, throw it back.”
when a gurl gives oral s-x
plies said he taught her how 2 throw it back

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