lit. ‘turkic people’, this is a formal & non-derogatory tamil & malayalam term for south asian muslims, which is often extended to denote any muslims worldwide. this deep-rooted traditional dravida term has a h–ry history which is the pride of all followers of islam:

“the muslims of coromandel were also called as thulukkar, along with sonakar. thulukkar, means the native of turkey. though all the muslims who frequented coromandel coast had not come from turkey, this term is very commonly & popularly applied to all the muslims by the fellow {dravidian} hindus. while the word sonagan is very sp-rs-ly used, tulukkan is in popular use even to this day 44 { 44. yazhpana manippayagarathi, chandrasekara pulavar. american mission press (jeffna 1842); koyilozhugu p 21}. adiyarkkunallar the commentator of silappadhikaram translates the word ‘yavana’ as yavanathurukkar. several tamil literatures of later period also refer to the muslims as thulukkar.45 { 45. kambaramayanam 14:13:902; kalingathuparani 333; kulothungacholan pillai tamil: 52.} according to some scholars the word thurushka came into use right from second century ad since emperor kanishka was thurushka by ethnicity as mentioned in kalphana’s rajatharangini 46 {46. n akmal ayyubi. ‘some aspects of islamic turkish culture’ (aligarh, 1985) p 103-104} sanskrit & telugu liteatures give the term thurushka for thurukkar.” – j raja mohamed, op cit.
1) “the prasasthis of vijayanagar kings include t-tles like thulukka moham thavirthan, thulukka thalavipadan etc (ie those who defeated muslims 47 {47. inscriptions of pudukottai state no 669,670,760,763; south india inscr.ns iii pt v p 130; are 642 of 1902; south indian temple inscr.ns, 309-d-249-1}) the sultanate of madurai in (14th century) was called thulukkaniam & thulukka avanam 48 {48. madurai thalavaralaru (madurai tamil sangam) p 2. are 587 of 1902, koyilozhugu, p 138}. thulukkar settlements were called thulukkanam 49 {49. thirukkutrala kuravanchi, 65:1}.
thulukkar & thulukkan are very well rooted words in the coromandel society to call muslims, & this influence can be seen in all the spheres of life. thulukkappoo (flower), thulukkasamanthi (african merigold), thulukkamalligai, thulukkappasali (besella green), thlukkappayaru (kidney bean), thulukka kathazhai. there are place names like thulukkanpatti (virdunagar tk), thulukkankulam (aruppukkottai tk) thulukkankurichi (mudukulathur tk), thulukka muthu (avinasi tk), thulukkathandalam (kanchipuram tk).” – ‘maritime activities, economy & social customs of the muslims of coromandel coast 1750-1900’ j raja mohamad. pondicherry: dept of history, pondi. univ, 1997,, ch 4, p 43.

2) idiot: thulukkar is derogatory so muslims should stop using it!
muslim: no, we shouldn’t – it connects us to our proud heritage! we are descendants of the sultans of madurai & caliphs of delhi!

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