tibetian ball drainer

like tantric methods, the recipient experiences a lengthy “double -j-c-l-t–n” from focused working of the scr-t-m, t-st-cl-s, taint and erogenous areas in tandem with varying edging techniques. usually requiring more than an hour “session” the scr-t-m is restrained and pulled taught and the t-st-cl-s aggressively sucked while the recipient goons to p-rn. once in full goon, the recipient at the whim of the other partner/partners will suddenly and uncontrollably -rg-sm upon release of the restraint while the t-st-cl-s are pushed firmly against the pelvis and held in place. it is not uncommon for the recipient to experience double the number of usual contractions, sometimes more. this techinque is know to reduce or eliminate the usual refractory period post -rg-sm resulting in an ability to experience multiple -rg-sms thereafter. according to tradition, some nomadic tibetians incorporated this as part of a cleansing ritual when combined with meditation and psych inducing beverages. long a closely held secret among a select few high priced underground bdsm pract-tioners, the tibetian ball drainer has reportedly been the most expensive item on the menu of services commanding over $2000/hr. experienced pract-tioners state they can keep client in a suspended state of -j-c-l-t–n whereby a firm slapping of the t-st-cl-s while under restraint results in an involuntary release without -j-c-l-t–n spasms. the resulting heightened sense of arousal is reputed to last for up to 3 days.
got my first tibetian ball drainer last night.

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