my definition of the certain tibia mmorpg. this definition is completely neutral.

disclaimer: just kidding.

tibia is one h-ll of a game to say the least. i got as high as lvl 24 before i finally quit. i recently took a look at it again. then quit 45 minutes after reinstalling. lets throw some facts out about tibia:

1) tibia is from some german university students, and they dont give a f-ck about you.
2) the “us” servers have successfully been hijacked by south american players, so learn portugese today.
3) you can play on different country servers, but since it lags on “us” servers, be prepared for 5 second click delays and lag deaths.
4) even the new anti-pk measures are sh-t, so your going to get hours of work training deleted by high levels everyday.
5) the last topic is about the disgusting community around tibia.

so lets -n-lyze. in #1 we talked about the creators. they really just want tibia for a quick buck, and thats what its been like. and now they are a big company who still don’t give a f-ck about you. in #2 we talked about the take over. the north american servers are 90% portugese/spanish so if you dont know those, your going to get raped. its funny i find mostly englsih speakers in pay-to-play games and thenf ree games are totally packed with barbarians- i mean brazilians. on to #3, it was self explanatory. #4 i talked a little about the pk problem. the time it takes to hunt in the high levels is completely insane. you really need to be unemployed and have a premium account to play after lvl 30.

for #5 we have the community. so let me explain. you have 4 types of players: the otakus, the hardcore, the newbies, and the cheaters. see their traits below, maybe see which you are.

the otakus
these are socially rejected sc-m who live at their parents. they have come to tibia to find some friends. they generally play 16 hours a day. they spend most of their time chatting, hunting, and basically trying to make them selves seem respectable.

the hardcore
this group s like the otaku except they may have a part time job and their own place. they put all their spare time into tibia, often getting close to 16 hours (at least on weekends and holidays). if you are a lower level, they don’t give a sh-t about you so its best to try and let them have what they want before they send you back a few days of work.

the newbies
this caste generally consists of south americans who cant figure out the game much past hitting monsters and basic swear words. these players are found spamming sell and trade. if you have money they are your friend, if you dont, they are swearing at you and saying “jajaja”. luckily the otakus get stuck helping them out.

the cheaters
chances are you absoultely hate cheaters. but if you think about it, why not cheat (in a mmorpg)? who is smarter? the guy with no life playing 16 hours a day, or the guy using a program to play the game 16 hours a day? often cheaters are normal people who would rather watch a movie then grind on monsters. the social awareness of cheaters help keep the game from falling apart.

all in all, there are much better games out there. tibia will kill your dad and rape your mom.
cheating: tibia has several hacks, the main ones are light hacks (to see in caves and at night), multi-client hacks, and other -ssortments of hacks. 99% contain trojans so there is little need to worry about being outdone by cheaters.
a mmorpg that some hate some love. it’s one of the oldest mmorpg arround and it’s getting more players everyday. because it’s so old and the graphics got only one real update it looks pretty cr-ppy/old school therefor it’s scares off alot of people. also the first island is very boring. when you reach the mainland things get more interesting cause now you can use spells, kill bigger monsters and you can actually kill other players.

the game is free instead of alot of games that give you short trial periods or you have to buy in the store. for a monthly fee players can upgrade to a premium account, unlocking some additional game features and areas.

players often train and level their characters or try their luck on finding rare items in beaten monsters. there are several quest in the game, some are still hidden and alot of players try to solve those quests.

the game is growing steadely, and has at the moment 50000 players online at the same time. with 54 server and 4 new servers coming every 2 months. the game is updated every half year, so it keeps interesting. updates include new area’s, monsters, items and what ever they can come up with.
1. friend – most people use their runes to hunt big monsters, you use them to heal from rats.

2. friend – what are you going to hunt, rats?
me – no, i gonna try out bugs today. 😉
horrible, network game played by my friends which involves macroing on rooftops for many hours on end and falling down holes.
stirfry_ninja: im stuck down a hole again
chrissum!: hahah
stirfry_ninja: daves, gone to get a rope
stirfry_ninja: lol
chrissum! says: the joys of tibia :d
stirfry_ninja: h-ll yeah
chrissum!: boorah
1a. the inner and larger of the two bones of the lower human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle.

1b. a corresponding bone in other vertebrates. also called shinbone.

2. the fourth division of an insect’s leg, between the femur and the tarsi.

3. an ancient flute.

4. a slightly below-average mmorpg. at the moment it has 44 servers holding around 35,000 players at a time between them.

there are 4 types of characters: knight, paladin, sorcerer and druid.

paladins would have been better named “rangers” or something, since they are archers. paladins are traditionally holy knights, using swords or a warhammer, and on horseback. but no… in tibia they are archers.

the graphics are average, but are miproving with each update.

the player base is highly elitist and very anti-newbie which can make it difficult to get started.

pking used to be a big problem but the creator of the game put in some features which helped calm it down a bit.

the gameplay is very repet-tive and restrictive. for example, training is simply… click… wait for hours doing nothing, or chatting.

the game has no real plot, which makes the quests quite boring and only worth doing for the items, really.

the spell system is flawed, since you can get all the spells by lvl 36 (if i remember correctly). meaning being a high level sorcerer or druid gets very boring. (i know this from experience.)

well actually… the game gets very boring in general. leveling is very laborious, as is ‘training’. which is why high level characters tend to get bored and turn their attentions to power abusing in various ways.

if you play this game you might one day ask yourself… “why am i playing this? i don’t actually like it… but i still play it.”

my advice: if you don’t play tibia; keep it that way. if you play tibia; quit.
1. did you hurt your tibia?
2. hey check out that insect’s tibia.
3. play me a tune on the tibia.

person 1: i have the day off school tomorrow.
person 2: what you gonna do?
person 3: i dunno, play tibia i guess…
my saviour and my destruction.
‘you ready for your exams?’ “dunno, it’s up to tibia”
a frustrating game that has made great advancements in graphics and gui and control quality. now avatars actually walk around instead of warping. however, the gameplay and newbie-friendlyness is at a all-time low.

idiotic down-syndrome patients usually talk to shopkeepers, unable to say “bye” when they are idling, they idle in front of pathways to stores and bridges, causing much abuse in newbie island by laming everything with kill/corpse stealing. i never actually got to the mainland because of this. nor do i want to, since the people populating tibia’s forums talk like illiterate “l33t” wannabes, just because they probably managed to install linux. who f-cking cares, linux is free, which further makes it easier to install, and now they boast this sh-t on free-game forums.
tibia player (rookguard):n00b! n00b! n00b! you suxx0rs! lol!

tibia abuser (rookguard:town): (to shopkeeper) hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ! why isnt he answering me! hi hi hi hi hi !

tibia forummember: you didn’t get to mainland yet? go buy a premium account and get there in 2 hours n00b! hey look! this n00b wasn’t smart enough to buy a premium account so he can play in mainland! n00bs! he suxx0rs to the maxx0rs! w00t! i’m fuggin l33t!

tibia forummember # 2: hey lets get him banned if he doesn’t like our game!

tibia forum member: yeah!
a mmorpg that is a great game and very addictive. it is easy to waste away all your time playing this game. it has sucky graphics but it doesn’t take away from the gameplay. you can play the game for different reasons – some people roleplay, make friends, train, m-ss level, do quests, etc. – ways to play are pretty much limitless. it’s really challenging and not as bad as everyone says. most people who don’t like the game just suck at it.
noob:dis game suxxx i die 3 times & lose itens & cant hunt w/ all da noobs & i quit!! no1 play tibia it suxxorz

tibia player: maybe you should try buying a premium account, and try getting past lvl 20 before you start complaining.

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