tiddly is an uncommon word used to describe either male or female genetailia.
it is not exclusive to any gender so tiddly can therefore mean ‘p-n-s’ or ‘v-g-n-‘

tiddly is a word used mainly by very important people so that unimportant and unattractive people will not know what they are talking about.
historians have concluded that the word tiddly comes from a small area in ireland known as gibbstown.

the wonders of tiddly have spread to nearby areas but it continues to only be used by the elite.
“that man has a very large tiddly”
“my husbands d-ck is bigger”

“did you see that woman scratching her tiddly”
“yes, how discusting”
adjective; used by canadian sailors to define a party; beautiful; originated from the term tiddlywork which is a synonim for fancy ropework.
i’ll take the tiddly party this time because i took the ugly one in the last port.

she’s so tiddly, i’d crawl through six miles of broken gl-ss on my hands and knees just to suck the c-ck that f-cked her.

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