pr-nounciation : tie – el

noun: a rectangular or square shaped object which is used to cover up objects, such as a roof or some decorative pavement. they are usually some sort of ceramic clay or a brand of stone.

verb ( see tiling tiles ): to tile something.
noun: each tile was fitted neatly on the pavement.

verb: the construction worker was briskly tiling the muddy ground with finely shaped crafts of stone.

used in reference to the paving slabs in the street resembling tiles that one may find in their kitchen or bathroom.
single 20+ female bank cashier: “what are you doing tonight?”
single 20+ female bank cashier 2: “i thought we could have a night on the tiles tonight.”
single 20+ female bank cashier: “yeah, i could do with getting drunk, woo go friday!”
a tile is a slang variant of idiot, fool, ignoramus, clown. commonly used as a noun i.e. “he’s such a tile.” less commonly as a verb: “stop tiling around!” and even more infrequently as an adjective, as in “he does the most tiley things.”
“ashton kutcher is such a tile.”

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