a green furry vicious and dangerous animal that will kill you without even thinking about it.
“hey bob watsup?”
“shut up larry!! im being hunted by a tillamook!!”
“oh sh-t! can i help?
“no get lost, it will smell youre axe deodorant!”
“ok man im out” -gets mauled by tillamook-
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a really small city in oregon. it stinks most of the time, but if you lived here you wouldn’t notice it. we make cheese that’s tasty, and ice cream which is also tasty. the downside of living here is that there is nothing to do…ever!!!
tillamook stinks but it’s worth it for our dairy.

tillamook is really, really, really boring.
some of the greatestcheese ever made on the planet earth. a copyrighted name.
i just ate some delicious tillamook mmmmm mmmm mmmm

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