Timetable rape

what happens when a social r-t-rd (or social savant) has an uncanny knowledge on everything about your timetable and academic events. thus, in the process violating your sense of academic privacy.
it can also extend to timetable/exams/test memory, where one would constantly remind you of the cl-ss(or tests/exams) that you will be having, thinking that for some unknown reason, you, the person whom the timetable is specifically for, would not know what cl-ss or important sac you might have. and then to complete the r-t-rdation process, they would comment on something else entirely unrelated. e.g. weather.
-not very close acquaintance- saying: “hey, just thought it would be of a nice manner to remind you that you have an english test next. while i’m at it, let me remind you of how nice the weather is today.”

friend: “dude, that guy just totally timetable raped me.”

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