similar to a dingleberry, it is the small drop of urine that acc-mulates at the tip of the p-n-s after relieving one’s self that cannot be shaken off.
have you ever heard of the two-shake rule? three shakes, and you probably have a tinkleberry.
a man small in stature who is deceptively bad-ss because he carries a large gun. most likely works for the fbi or dea and busts thugs for a living.
those douchebags were giving us sh-t, but then my buddy went all tinkleberry on their -ss and they ran away like a bunch of p-ss-es.
the shreds of toilet paper that stick to a woman’s pubic hairs after she wipes her v-lv-.
that toilet paper is so cheap! it gave me tons of tinkle berries.
the rolled up b-lls of tiolet paper that get stuck in your -n-l hair after wiping your -ss with cheap toilet paper.
boy do i need to shower to get all of those tinkleberries out of my hole.
droplets of pee that gets suck in ones p-ssy hair or in an animals fur.
that tinkleberrie is making my undies wet!
noun, a euphemism for tiny jello shots that calls attention to their resemblance to berries, as well as alcohol’s relative inefficacy as a drug
dude, jonah downed one tinkleberry too many, and he’s been in the bathroom all night!

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