getting run over by an automobile and having a large treadmark left across your body.
d-mn that -sshole in the humvee f-cking tired me!
due to lack of sleep.your eyes feel heavy, you don’t want to do anything but lay down and go to sleep. you are likely to become tired in a boring cl-ssroom or if you are comfortable.
i went to bed at 3 am, and i was so tired the next day.
what mindless people type into the little “look up” box on definithing..because they are bored, and most likely tired its a vicious circle
why are is this a definition? everyone knows what it means…i guess im dumbfuc to…oh well
what any woman in a long-term relationship claims to be when s-xual advances are initiated by their still eager male partner. goes hand in hand with a “headache” or “that time of the month”.
joe: “honey… i’ve been thinking ’bout you aaall day.”
b-tchwife: “not tonight joe, i’m tired.”
joe: “oh well, looks like i’m going a few rounds with the old one-eyed trouser snake alone again.”
something that has been repeated too often or something that is no longer exciting.
that song is tired.
go to f-cking sleep!
you’ll thank me for this!
man1: man i’m tired…
man2: (punches man2 in temple, whom promptly goes to sleep.)
old, out of f-ssion, overly popular (see tyiad)
your shoes are tired

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