internet synonym of slowpoke
“-2011, yes we can !

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  • tish fact

    ’tish fact’ – a spurious, often fict-tious piece of information stated as ‘fact’ that has little relation to reality, no background and often dismissed out of hand. directly related to aatish ’tish’ pattni’s continual statements of fact that serve only to support his argument or current beliefs whilst attempting to either outwit or out-knowledge another […]

  • titless teller

    a cash despensing machine located at a gas station, bank, or grocery store. hey dude, meet me at the sc-mbys store. i’ll get ya’ the forty bucks i owe ya’ from the t-tless teller. that bank has a bunch of earth pigs working there so i just go to the t-tless teller to get my […]

  • titty fuckin sweet

    more awesome than “sweet” or “super sweet”, also can be abbreviated “tfs” for under-hat communication dude: hey baby, thanks for the beej in that shower this morning. that was t-tty f-ckin sweet of you.

  • tits on a platter

    something that is so awesome and convient that its like t-ts being served to you on a platter. to help describe a great situation that was very much in your favor. so how was your night? dude you have no idea! we got some free tickets from my friend, just barely made it onto the […]

  • tmpb

    touch my private bits so when you come over wanna tmpb?

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