tissue-cans is a phenomenon generally recoursed by small breasted girls with insufficient capital to undergo a breast cosmetic surgery. such girls, striving to boost their self-confidence, wad layers of tissue papers in the bra untill a form of cleavage is somewhat contrived. more often than not, this practice ends up exacerbating the whole situation. this is because when the tissue-canned girl proceeds to carnal knowledge, the man’s first reactions at the bare pigeon-t-ts, may have considerable negative effects on the self-esteem of the former – possibly goading the girl to add more tissue-papers the next time she goes out. the ’tissue-cans’ is a vicious cylce.
example 1
mary: hurry up the taxi is here. the party starts in 15 minutes!

sue: f-ck! why are we out of toilet papers on a sat-rday night!

mary: come on let’s go! you can tissue-cans your b–bs later.

sue: f-cking t-ts!

example 2
john: you got laid last night didn’t you?
peter: yeah man. i took this wh-r- to my place and guess what?? she was tissue-canned. but i f-cked her anyways

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