when you can’t keep your eyes off of a girls t-ts.
dude her t-ts were so nice it caused my t-trettes to kick in and my eyes stayed locked on her t-ts and i never looked up at her face.

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  • TMMC

    “that made me chuckle” lol, but cl-ssier. sir gumfrey: “…and the economist says, that’s not a bank teller, that’s my wife!” commodore edwards: “i do declare, tmmc good sir!” twilight makes me crazy!! twilight as in the book everyone is obsessing about. tmmc is a way to describe yourself if you are obsessed with it.

  • toap

    abbreviation used by b3tans to describe a post on the messageboards as being basically just text on a pictue toap! t.o.a.p! toap on a rope!

  • Tobot

    1. a robotic toe. my friend and i, bored at the airport. my friend mutters the word “tobot.” i ask, “what the h-ll is a tobot?” to which he responds, “a robotic toe, stupid.”

  • tom2

    an indian’s kid way of saying “tomorrow” joy: are you coming over tomorrow? mihir: i don’t know. what’s going on tom2

  • tomacious

    having a hot jew fro look at that kid with the jew fro! he’s tomacious!

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