taking e or molls to the point where you can’t keep your eyes in the front of your head, your jaw looks like a cash register drawer, your senses are all super sensitive and at that moment, you wouldn’t have it any other way
i are a bunch of molly and it hit me all at once now i’m t-tsin my face off.

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  • dust pouch

    a post vasectomy scr-t-m that does don’t contain sperm don’t worry about getting pregnant, i have a dust pouch

  • hop out da rarri

    take a chance (originated from dallas) that boy dre hop out da rarri and talked to morgan fine -ss

  • rood dood

    a dude that is in fact, rude. luis is a rood dood

  • sneezevom

    when someone sneezes, and it triggers their gag reflex, and they throw up in their mouth at the same time that they sneeze. last night, i drank half a fifth by myself and then had to sneeze. but then i threw-up, and it became a sneezevom.

  • ciaran day

    the slaggiest guy you will ever meet. hes a sleazy tw-t who enjoys winding people up and being a pirck. eurghhhhh have you ever met ciaran day

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