spazzed up word which is used when your completly high or just acting random
josh – tlebid
george – what the f-ck are you on

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  • tool bait

    one who draws in tools tom: “brandon brings the weirdest kids to our lunch table. it’s embarr-ssing.” matt: “yeah he’s what you call tool bait.”

  • topangea

    1. to be elite in all respects. 2. consisting of perfection and beauty. 3. to be godlike. if he weren’t so topangea he wouldn’t have secured that modeling position. a f-ggot who wants to be like craz8 and flexo!! he not that good, but he so topangea!

  • Top quality

    a sarcastic expression usually used in a derogatory fashion commenting on the quality of an item, person or action. thats a top quality crossbow there ronnie… (actually means: that crossbow is appalling, you will shoot yourself in the groin with it in a minute. spastic.

  • to pull an Iceland

    a nation which puts the needs of it’s people before the needs of the banks by defaulting on all or part of the nation’s debt is said to “pull an iceland”. to pull an iceland will greece pull an iceland and default?

  • torticoli

    since we’re french, we didn’t know what a sore neck was called in english, and in french it’s called “un torticolis” so we just use the same word as in french but with an english accent… i have a torticoli this morning… d-mn torticoli!!! oye, my torticoli hurts!

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