a nitromethane powered hobby level r/c monster truck designed by the traxxas company. it is 1/10 scale, and has an enourmous aftermarket parts selection available.

the new tmaxx 3.3 has a top speed of over 40 miles per hour, which is very fast for an r/c monster truck.
jimmy chimo just got a traxxas tmaxx and he is going to run it this weekend at the bmx track
a bad -ss radio control truck made by traxxas
george: look at that piece of sh-t savage get own3d by that 2 year old driving that t-maxx

frank :wow that truck is cr-p

george:that truck sucks major -ss

melvin: stop it i love my savage
the best r/c 4×4 you can buy,traxxas are the the muts nuts
2.5 hp 40mph 1″ travel and all the hopup you can afford
a 1/10 scale, radio controlled, nitro powered, four wheel drive monster truck.
dude, what motor you running in your t-maxx?
an r/c truck whoes sole purpose in life is to be dropped from a helicopter from 200 feet up, and watching it splatter into thousands of pieces. savages own all.
whoa, that one blew up real good.

yalp, tmaxx sux.

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