too much going on.
overstimulated much? just say “tmgo” and buzz off.

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  • Hunger grid

    a poverty stricken urban or suburban area, in which access to grocery stores and fresh food is severely limited, and also suffers from a significant lack of public transportation. “we need to push legislation for grocery access in west dallas, it’s in the middle of the hunger grid.”

  • strickly kittly

    meaning that you have no attraction to d-ck and are strickly a p-ssy or v-g-n- person. opposite of strickly d-ckly d-ck v-g-n- p-ssy dave is so strickly kittly.

  • 20 minutes of action

    a privileged guy’s term for rape. 1. “that is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action,” said the s-x offender’s daddy, upon hearing of his son’s effective 3-month sentence for raping an unconscious girl. 2. man, you gotta try the fresh meat in cellblock c. only took 20 minutes of action before […]

  • karamatsu

    a specific way of killing yourself. first, the person committing or even attempting suicide has to stand on a small bridge above a river (or a rock on the side of the river) and proceed to jump, or fall down head in (preffered). the person would hit a rock with their head and may die […]

  • tejas

    a fat, lazy girl who has no friends. you will often find tejas’s online trying to flaunt the coolness it does not have. the natural habitat of a tejas should be the loo because it is a piece of sh-t. synonyms include cr-ppo, piece of sh-t,god d-mn son of a b-tch, tehas, toy horsey, texas […]

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