too much reality
tmr is extreme tmi.
abbreviation of the word tomorrow
tmr i am going down to the plaza
too many resellers. when a new item gets over hyped that people buy them just to sell at insanely marked up prices.
all these people selling kobe 8 christmas for $300 the day they come out. smh tmr. they worse than hypebeasts
abbreviation for “too much reading”
boy 1: hey read this funny article

boy 2: hmmm … tmr
an abbreviation of the popular j-panese pop musician tm revolution (takanori makes revolution)

the only vocalist in tmr is takanori nishikawa. he has possibly the most coolest/funkiest hairdo’s in j-panese music history. takanori is able to vibrate his voice when singing, and probably sings better live than his recordings.
“-fan girl scream- tmr is performing at the anime fest tomorrow!”
an abbreviation for the geek rock band the minimum requirements
are you going to the tmr show? heck yes.
to be totally mentally r-t-rded.
“shapooloo your soooo tmr”
“no csiz, you are”
totally mentally r-t-rded
thats so tmr’s man. nah stop being so tmr!!

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