to drop 3r33tz

to drop m-ss pwnages to the 3r33tz machine. to hax the pwn tank with 3r33ts. to have a m-ss segfault coredump on the pwn machine.
i was dropping m-ss 3r33ts on the pwn machine last night. i think it was diaherra.

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    blood party is when you are on ecstasy and a girl menstruates on you. “hey did you guys end up going to that blood party last night? i was tripping b-lls on that x and i still have the taste of period in my mouth. delicious.”

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    beer made by bloods. the can contains the 5-point star and the 5-point crown on it, with a red background. also has a capital “b” on it. was really suppose to say “bloodweiser”, but plans were changed. see budweiser as well. blood #1: “hey blood, p-ss me some bloodweiser, will ya!” blood #2: “aight b-dogg.”

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