beautiful and really funny. sometimes can be a total b-tch, but at the end of the day, they are the best person to talk too or be friends with. most caring person, but at times, they can completely turn around and stab you in the back. can stand up for themselves. strong and powerful.
person 1: who is that making everyone laugh?
person 2: obviously it is tobi. no
one of the members of the evil organization known as the akatsuki. he is deidara’s partner, and no one is really sure where he came from since he has no forehead protector. instead, he has an odd swirly orange mask that covers his entire face, save for one eye. he tends to take the credit for a majority of battles which deidara actually won. he is odd in comparison to the other akatsuki members, with his childish (and rather cute, in my opinion) behavior.
zetsu’s white half often says “tobi is a good boy.”
^-^ tobi is a good boy

he is in the fictional criminal organization, akatsuki. his parter is deidara. he looks up to both zetsu and said partner. as of naruto chapter 409 (i believe) his ident-ty has been revealed as not obito, but madara uchiha.
tobi- so i can join akatsuki now?

zetsu- no

tobi- why not?!

zetsu- tobi is a good boy.
the female version of the name toby. often referring to hot black girls.
tobi lives in the ghetto with her cool cousins.
a beautiful girl.
oh wow! have you seen tobi…she is such a beauty
a very s-xy man
he is just too tobi
a mans third leg….his pleasure cannon.
“see her, she luuuuurves the tobis!”
infamous alias for one who has been getting sh-t done since ’92, hoe.

2013, downs is still in college

downs: dam, tobi eez alrady grajewayting…

bin talal: m-th-f-cka! he’s been doing sh-t like that since ’92 son.

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