a type/nickname for marijuana grown in south america and smuggled into the united states.
“hey you, p-ss me some tobias!”
tobias is a super name for someone with a six pack and s-xy abbs i want a tobias more then anyhting he is funny creative brave selfless and strong physicly and mentally if i had a tobias i would protect him and he would protect me all in all tobias is what you should name a warrior who would fight for anything he believes in
“d-mn that dudes hot”
“he’s gotta be tobias”
“thought stealer”
to do a 180 turn with a waterjet while doing max speed. it involves great risk, and det driver is in serious danger for getting hurt.
“what happend to your leg?”

“i tried a tobias and failed.”
the sweetest ginger on the entire planet. possibly even in the entire universe. his adorable nature will make you love him instantly. his goofyness can always cheer you right up! his interest includes solving rubik’s cube (which he’s freaking amazing at), being gay, playing curling, and being the greatest friend ever.
“that guy is so sweet and adorable!”
“yeah, he’s really tobias”
a obese person, that is always looking for the opportunity to f-ck a washing machine.
hey, fat -ss! stop being a tobias!!!!
1) a maneuver in which one departs uncommonly early, usually to pursue other, less exciting endeavors
2) the leaving of a bar abnormally early
joe pulled a regular tobias last night and left before hour was even over to go home and sleep.
a spanish slang term with similar meaning to sh-t, p–p, or cr-p
don’t go in there. i just took a dump, and it smells like tobias.

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