alexis charles henri maurice clérel de
[a-lek-see sharl ahn-ree maw-rees kley-rel duh] /a lɛkˈsi ˈʃarl ɑ̃ˈri mɔˈris kleɪˈrɛl də/ (show ipa), 1805–59, french statesman and author.
contemporary examples

mendes cooked at bouley, wallsé and tocqueville prior to opening aldea.
fresh picks george mendes september 6, 2010

often a foreigner can see america better than we ourselves see it—consider tocqueville.
this week’s hot reads: march 16, 2012 jimmy so march 16, 2012

why was tocqueville not more alarmed by the economic power that he saw emerging in the early days of american industrialization?
poulos gets piketty—and tocqueville—wrong arthur goldhammer april 25, 2014

tocqueville, by stark contrast, does not believe that approach can prevail.
what’s at stake in the tocqueville/piketty debate james poulos april 26, 2014

tocqueville invested a good part of his fortune in several of these ventures.
poulos gets piketty—and tocqueville—wrong arthur goldhammer april 25, 2014

historical examples

it is easy to-day for the educated man who has read bryce and tocqueville to account for the mediocrity of american literature.
emerson and other essays john jay chapman

we can hardly have a better authority on this point than tocqueville.
the map of life william edward hartpole lecky

in 1833, when tocqueville visited america, he was struck by the equal distribution of wealth and the absence of capitalists.
the arena various

nothing, tocqueville has observed, is so conducive to mercy as equality.
with americans of past and present days j. j. jusserand

tocqueville himself wrote very cordially to my father upon the subject; and the lectures have been valued by very good judges.
the life of sir james fitzjames stephen, bart., k.c.s.i. sir leslie stephen

alexis charles henri maurice clérel de (alɛksi ʃarl ɑ̃ri mɔris klerɛl də). 1805–59, french politician and political writer. his chief works are de la démocratie en amérique (1835–40) and l’ancien régime et la révolution (1856)

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