when you m-st-rb-t- with your feet
caleb gave collin a magical toesturbating experience all night.

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  • talking beans

    when someone is talking rubbish and is not telling the truth “i swear i hit on her bro!” “nah bro, you’re talking beans!”

  • kashamere

    a smart, intelligent girl who doesnt give a f-ck about these b-tches and gone keep on vibing without them. she is pretty,loyal, ah lil bad thing, mean, and jus dgaf type. “you pretty kashamere”

  • skytechman

    when your dad is an air tech man and you need a username for your imvu account. “hey skytechman, you’re f-ckin lame man”

  • armedia

    armedia whatley is my birth given name. armedia is in my birth certificate armedia is coming to dinner she doesn’t eat lobster rolls

  • diabesties

    when you play with a man with diabetes b-lls i played with chads diabesties last night

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