tom felton

tom felton is super s-xy and plays draco malfoy in the harry potter movie series.
example: did you see tom felton being fine at the premiere last night?
the actor who plays draco malfoy in the harry potter movies. smokin hot. can sing with his s-xy accent.
tom felton has feltbeats on youtube where you can check out his songs.
plays draco malfoy in harry potter
probably the shexxiest man alive
and when he dies
he shallt be the shexxiest man who is dead
did i say he can sing?
look up feltbeats somewhere
he’s incredible
tom felton ftw
a hot actor and singer/songwriter.
and his pants are on fire 🙂
girl 1: omg! it’s tom felton

me: ahahaha his pants are on fire! xd
a blond british bombsh-ll .
hes really the hottest man alive (;

he also played draco malfoy in the famous harry potter movies :d

he plays soccer and sings as well, (you can find him on youtube feltbeats ;d)
– a conversation between me and a fried-

friend: mmmmm tom felton so yummmy

me: hes mine hes so mine
a guy hotter than you!!
he’s hot!
you’re….well…you’re just plain ugly!
a hottie!!

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