abbreviation for “tomorrow”. used in online conversations mostly.
see ya later tonight or tomo, hun!
a supercool caring j-panese bro who is the best friend you will ever get. tomos usually stress out alot but are always there for people when they need help. an all in out wonderful person who works hard every day of the week and bring’s presents for sillays on their 6 months 🙂 tomo’s also posess cheeks which are highly stretchable to pull.
did you see those cheeks? such tomo cheeks
when one girl has a lot of s-x and get’s some type of std and p-sses it on to the next person she f-cks.
“that dirty tomo f-cks everyone she p-sses by”
a nickname to suggest one (a male) is very into having s-xuall thoughts about other men. can also be used to say that a certain male has a fetish for one particular name, and will tend to have s-x with people with this name.
you think one has gay thoughts about men, you then call them “tomo”.

if one tends to spade and have s-x with girls only the same name. for example ‘hannah’, then you call them “tomo”.
an astonishingly impressive haircut; standing nearly one foot tall, the hair is held high using a blend on intense-hold hair gel and gorilla glue. the hair is also known to be unphased by florida hurricanes.
wow! look at that tomo; i wish i could be like that.
t-ts out mouth open
yo babe tomo

k babe yolo
a dirty jew-rat that runs an irc channel #aussies
as if we want to go to tomo’s channel

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