a musical b-n-r. being s-xually attracted to a person because of their musical talent. a term made popular, if not coined, by the movie pitch perfect.
hearing her sing gives me a major toner.

the phantom of the opera was the first literary instance of a guy getting a toner.
a nickname for a canadian drunk who comes down to lakewood every year and gets hammered out of his gourd. known to wet himself on numerous occasions. might be seen with a smoke in one hand and a beer in another. will eat or drink crazy things for bets. will fester in own juices. beware
example # 1:
p-sserby # 1 – hey isn’t that toner p-ssed out by the wall?

p-sserby # 2 – what’s that wet stain he’s lyin’ in?

example # 2:

tired guy: who the f-ck is that yelling over there, it’s 6 am?

girlfriend: f-ckin’ toner!!!!!!
a b-n-r you get from great tone.
did you hear ryne’s new pedal? i just got a major toner.
a nipple that is erect, poking through the shirt
she must be cold because she has quite some toners there.
to-ner (noun): an erect nipple. this usually occurs when it is cold. the word’s origin lies in the ingenious combination of the words t-t and b-n-r, giving us toner.
you can just see those girls’ toners through their thin shirts.
toner is another definition of a handgun. more commonly used for a nine millimeter. often used by three six mafia.
put my toner to his head said n-gg- this is a robber please p-ss the bread.
the toner is an alcoholic beverage made from spiced rum (preferably captain morgan’s) and orange crush – it is not for the feint of heart or those with taste buds
bartender – toners all around!

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