awesome character in the harry potter series. she’s a metamorphagus (she can change her appearance at will), which is left out in the fifth movie. a lot of things about her are left out in the movie… grr…
anyways, in the 7th book she married remus lupin. she gets pregnant, but lupin freaks out and leaves, because he’s worried about him p-ssing on some weird werewolf gene or smoething… then he comes back (yay him!) and they have the baby (teddy!). then a couple months later they both get killed. dammit…
tonks’s hair is sooo awesome…
an illegal alien.

stands for true origion not known.
there are tonks all over santa ana.
ghetto for strong or muscular

adopted from them tonka trucks back in the days (unbreakable)
dont mess with him
he is tonk
pr-noun. used as a jargon term better border patrol agents to describe someone who is present in the united states illegally. (exception: some dim-witted tca pa’s use the term uda, even though most tonks are well doc-mented in ident as illegal.)
“grab that guy over there in the cowboys jacket. he’s a tonk too.”
term used, primarily by us immigration officials in informal settings, to describe an illegal immigrant of any country. origins are unknown, but definitely predate the use of metal flashlights, contrary to the most used description of origin. it’s probable that the origin is related to chinese immigration, as the first law to restrict immigration from a particular country was enacted in 1882. it’s said that many of the illegal immigrants made their way to the us via the gulf of tonkin area of what is now vietnam. it’s also possible that the term is related to the chinese “tong” mob. the word should be considered only as derogatory as the phrase “illegal alien” as it does not refer to race or even nationality, only to one’s immigration status in the united states.
the us border patrol agent caught 3 honduran tonks, 18 mexican tonks and a korean tonk when they tried to sneak across the border this morning.
a slur nickname for illegal aliens from mexico, originally coming into use by the us border patrol. the name is supposedly derived from the noise that is produced when one hits an illegal immigrant with a mag light.
“i’m sick of all these tonks sneaking into the us.”
noun (1): the sound made from the contact of an illegal mexican immigrant’s head and a d-cell maglite

noun (2): a derogatory term for an illegal alien crossing from the united state’s extremely porous southern boarder, originating from the sound made from the contact of an illegal mexican immigrant’s head and a d-cell maglite

verb: the act of hitting the head of either an illegal mexican immigrant or another person with either a d-cell maglite or similar object
boarder patrol: “yeah, i bagged that d-mned tonk before he made it to the freeway!”

“shut up before i tonk your dumb-ss.”

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