Tony the Tiger

he’s grrrrrrrrrrrreat (also comes in super charged)
he is an electronic superhero who takes the form of a tiger. his arch enemy is the hammock
hey tony, i like the thinks you do. hey tony! if i could i would be you. your the one and only tiger, my one and only friend. knows how to take a breakfast and make it grrrreat
a scary, mean tiger who rapes innocent kids who loves his cereal. also known as the guy with the “ggggrrrreat” cereal.
betty: my son got raped by a tiger!
cop: thats not just any tiger it’s tony the tiger! he’s g-r-r-reat!
the mascot who produces steroids in his cereal. come on, just look at him. he’s freakin’ huge! and all those kids h-tting homers in his commercials. that’s no skill for little leaguers.
tony the tiger is the barry bonds of food.
when something is great, or awesome.
it’s greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat
guy1: man, did you see that goal?
guy2: yeah it was totaly tony the tiger.
a nickname for someone who flakes a lot; nickname for someone who ditches others often.
hey justin, wasn’t chris suppose to meet up with us at 8?
yea, he’s gone tony the tiger on us
when one man puts sugar on his b-lls and d-ck and has his cat lick it off. it is an official tony the tiger when the cat can fit the whole 2 inch d-ck in its mouth. sam cole is a prime example.
sam cole loves to get tony the tigers on friday nights with his trusty companion, mittens the cat
1: a mascot of the delicous cereal, frosted flakes.
2: a hunter that defines the word, wtfbbqpwntomgmonkeyisnub.
i just got wtfpwnt by tonythetiger.

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