Took The Fag Out The Packet

when a h-m-s-xual male comes out of the closet.
did you barnabas finally took the f-g out the packet today.

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    the act of getting used. unintentionally doing something that someone else gets credit for. igor just stole your idea and won the contest with it! boy, you got tooled! to get beaten badly in an online video game. hehe you guys just got f-cking tooled! very drunk and/or intoxicated. we were out getting trashed and […]

  • toolmeat in fullheat

    the scream of a muscle head in the gym so that people will stop what they’re doing and admire this miracle worker. ‘hey tommy, you hear that? we must be near a meat neck cuz i just heard some toolmeat in fullheat reverberating from the pec deck area.’

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