tooth ass

when you have a fat b-tt and where white genes
marlies is a tooth -ss

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    when a man holds in his -j-c-l-t–n and shoots it at his partner to the point of a splatter sound on their body. this, is the splaggit. the girl thought the was safe, little did she know, the pressure build up hit her hard in the splaggit in her face

  • dincaljincal

    a foolish person often odd looking i pr-nounce you king dincaljincal

  • salad in a jar party

    when a girl invites you to to a salad in a jar party but uses the jar to hold your j-zz to one day use against you in a paternity case “hey gerald wanna come to my salad in a jar party?” “no thank you i don’t want to unknowingly become a father”

  • werewolfing a b*tthole

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  • entrenched

    unlikely to change aby has an entrenched resistance to change from her nonchalant behavior.

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