topo es una persona que carece de sentido del humor, que corta el rollo(aguafiestas) , metomentodo y al que todo el mundo detesta. extremadamente evitable.
no hagas un topo y dejanos en paz.
puto topo de mierda que nos has cortado el rollo.
puerto rican slang for crack cocaine
ey dame dos de topo.
hey give me two topos.
torrance police department
oh sh-t!
we got some topo following us!
a person that spazs enough so that they look like they are trying to move in two different directions at the same time

topoing the verb of spazing out trying to move in two different directions

topoed past tense of spazing out trying to move in different different directions
“last week a topo was walking across the sidewalk it was the funniest thing i have ever seen.”

“i saw a guy topoing across a yard trying to get to the mailbox and back to his house at the same time.”

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