to have had one’s br–sts fondled. past participle (and most common form) of top
“i’ve been topped before”
as in to commit suicide, most likely to be used when the person in question jumps off a building
did you hear about john smith? he topped himself
1. s-xual – the act of one who is a bottom or versatile being f-cked -n-lly, with a p-n-s or pegged with a strap-on d-ld-.

2. bdsm – the experience of being submissive… being turned into a bottom.

3. verb – used in past tense to describe a completion of an act or experience.
1. he got topped the other night bi a well-hung bull.

2. when he first walked into mistress victoria’s dungeon, he was a complete novice and had never been topped… yet.

3. they topped off their evening with a nice creampie dessert for the lucky bottom.
1. done, finished in general
2. to finish a drink, typically alchohol
1. well now that we won the game, we topped the yankees
2. johnson topped the shot of whiskey in less than 2 seconds.
toped – as high as you can be with no further highness
bro… i’m totally topped topped right now.

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