ask s.g 😉

there are many words attached to this : toppism, toppa.
ur a toppa, toppist, u have toppism

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  • Tormentcia

    1. famed leader of twisted folk 2. someone with zero people skills 3. one with a huge selfish ego 1. i am twisted, therefore torm is my leader, please shoot me 2. yes, i know i retired, and the guild has got better, but its my guild and i wish to destroy it anyway 3. […]

  • torterolo

    a girl who is obsessed with squirrels, largely because she was born a squirrel, but then through a blood ritual she was transm-ted into the body of a poor human, who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. she looks like a normal girl, but if you look at her b-tt you will […]

  • to run circuit

    inf. to give oral s-x, immediately followed by intercourse, then some more oral s-x, then a little more intercourse…you get the picture. rinse and repeat as necessary. running circuit is a clever way to blow a (wo)man’s mind while giving your orifii a break now and again.

  • Toshday

    a slang way to say tuesday. since tosh.0 airs every tuesday night, it is called toshday. kid 1: yo man, i gotta go. i’ll see you on toshday. kid 2: yeah man, see you toshday.

  • to the head

    v. doing somthing that would normally be done with multiple people on your own. timmy smoked a blunt to the head.

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