another word for a bell end. the end of the p-n-s. -helmet
i have a m-ssive torr or look at that m-ssive torr

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  • UB

    – unidentify boy/ boyfriend – the grey area between the vicious triangle of friendzone, boytoy, and boyfriend he’s more than a boytoy but we haven’t establish a t-tle yet… so he’s a ub. short for “the state university of new york at buffalo”. is a two campus school where the professors often times lack english […]

  • mak dee

    when a white guy opens an asian restaurant, the first thing he puts on the menu is the mak dee. it consists of chicken, rice, and tofu. customer: could i get 2 orders of the mak dee? waiter: yes sir that will be right out.

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    a t-rd so unspeakably vile that the very act of committing it may be, under certain conditions, deemed a war crime by the u.n. main characteristics of an -rs-trocity include extensive skidmarks, a hanging and unbearable smell that takes long time to go away, extreme pebble-dashing and giving the bathroom the general air of the […]

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    a person who has a banana as a head and brain if you a dude with a banana as a head and brain he is a bananaheadbrain

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