torrance is the sh-tttt. she is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, unique, and interesting girl. torrance is a sweetheart. she is awesome at everything she does. torrance may seem shy at times, especially if she likes you, but once she gets to know you, you’ll see what a gorgeous girl she is, inside and out. she loves music, and can really sing too. torrance is athletic. she’s into any kind of sports. she also adores everything from puppies to the ocean and you, if you treat her right. everyone wants to be torrance. all the girls are jealous of her and all the guys want her. mess with her or her friends and she’ll kick your -ss. go ahead, talk sh-t about her. she doesn’t care, she already knows she’s better than you. if you ever meet a torrance, treat her right because you don’t want to lose her.
“hey did you see that girl walking down the street?”

“yeah she was soo pretty, she looked perfect!”

“then her name must be torrance!”
torrance is located in the heart of south bay, los angeles. it is right between lax, and the port of los angeles. it’s a pretty diverse city, mainly asians and whites. there’s the del amo mall, one of the biggest malls in the nation, and torrance beach which is in the south end of the city. the city is split in 4 areas: north torrance, south torrance, central torrance, and west torrance. it’s a pretty boring place to live, but the location is nice; easy access to the beaches and la/ oc.
they want to change torrance and all of south bay’s area code from 310 to 424? boo!

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