a derisory term used in the same way as rubbish or cr-p or b-ll-cks
this coat of paint is utter tosh
how west africans say “touch”
aunty bola: don’t tosh my yam porridge
the underside of someones n-ts-ck
yo my tosh itches mad crazy right now
”you ever seen that show tosh.0?“
”yeah, i’m pretty sure that guy is jesus”
an effeminate male with a scat fetish. daniel toshtosh.0gaychilli dog
that guy wearing bloomers and getting p–ped on over there sure is a tosh.
a male who has rebellious tendencies, a spoil male, a child who is well loved, a fire child.
he just so tosh, he does what he wants and gets away with it.
to paint (a room or a house, not a picture)
i’ve got a free weekend so i thought i’d tosh out the spare room

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