total eclipse of the heart

“total eclipse of the heart” is a horribly catchy d-mn song. they tend to play it at middle-school veteran’s day programs, while people walk around in black hoods and pretend to be terrorists. it’s crazy.
turn around, bright eyes…

once upon a time i was falling in love, now i’m only falling apart..
nothing i can do, a total eclipse of the heart.
the act of smearing one’s privates with peanut b-tter with hopes that a dog, cat or other domesticated pet will retrieve some jelly and bread to make a sandwich with it.
once upon a time i was falling in love
but now i’m only falling apart
nothing i can do
a total eclipse of the heart
once upon a time there was light in my life
but now there’s only love in the dark
nothing i can say
a total eclipse of the heart

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