toy soldier

in which two or more people partake in s-xual intercourse without bending their legs or arms.
“man, i knew lucy was a freak when she asked me to toy soldier.”
urban background, orginating on the streets and in hip-hop lyrics

1. a friend that’s willing to go out and ride with you, no matter what the situation may be

2. a friend who has your back and is willing to give his life to ensure your protection (in essence, a friend that acts like a body guard)
my dawg g-war is my toy soldier…he always got my back
a fan of the musician dr. steel.
roman is a toy soldier.
a toy soldier may be a friend, an acquaintance, or a follower to a cause. they may be emotionaly connected to you, but they are “expendable” to a greater cause (usualy pertaining to the protection of a friend). because they are “expendable” they are refered to as toy.
” i got toy soldiers learkin round the corners, dont test me, cause any of them are willin to do what they need….”

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