Track Attack

the sharp pain in the chest, along with a lack of feeling in the legs and light-headedness, one gets when they immediately finish running/sprinting any track & field related event. one usually must reach pr or surp-ssed pr to achieve this feeling. it hurts alot. sometimes results in being carried off the track, p-ssing out on the track, crying, or a brutal yelling from ones coach for not running faster. thankfully the pain does not last more than five (5) minutes in most cases.

-to spot “track attack” the runner will most likely have their hands at their hips, on top of their head, or on their knees and will be frantically walking around in circles (unless they are on the ground). eyes may be watering and face will show expressions of great pain, anxiety, and constipation. the words f-ck, sh-t, jesus christ, g-d, d-mn, and holy (in any combination) are most commonly said when experiencing a track attack.
to stop a track attack simply eat extremely unheathly food i.e: nachos, candy, chips, or frosted animal crackers and lie on the ground.

can also be written: trackattack or track-attack.
mayisha ran the 200m dash in pr time and placed first but once she reached the finish line i knew she was having a track attack. she was about to cry and she started yelling, “holy f-cking sh-t!” which scared some young children. i bought her some victory nachos and she felt alot better. coach then brutally yelled at her for not running faster.
when you jump out from behind a tree next to a bushwalking track and attack innocent bushwalking tourists to steal their water. this attack is usually launched during an unorganised bushwalk where you run out of drink yourself.
unorganised bushwalker 1: you ready to launch this track attack?
unorganised bushwalker 2: yeah, lets go!
(both jump out from behind a tree and attack well prepared swedish backpackers)
unorganised bushwalker 1: we got the water! leg it!
(both run away with water and leave swedish backpackers stunned and panting on the ground)

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