track thot

a girl who moves from guy to guy so fast you simply cannot keep score.
d-mn that girls a track thot

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  • eggs layton

    someone who eats a sh-t ton of f-cking eggs day and night and gets no bangs (no intercourse) that guy is a right eggs layton! all he does is eat eggs for every meal and never bangs any girls….what’s he playing at!?

  • native flu

    when you fake an illness to avoid playing a certain team (this case the natvies) native flu “did you check the skeddie? where playing the natives. you have the natvie flu p-ssy?”

  • smeze

    yellow c-m often referred as what comes out of a p-n-s when -j-c-l-t-d. i see smeze everywhere

  • pangolin banquet

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  • jenem

    a silly word used by needy girls to show that they think something or some act is cute. meanwhile, boys hate it . boy: you are the best thing that ever happened to me. girl: jenem. boy: i think we should break up.

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