1) a female who sleeps around, or sucks up a lot of guys in a very short period of time
2) a gurl who moves too fast
that b-tch sucked up me and my homie in one night.

“d-mn wut a trackstar”
a hoe or loose female that is cheap or free
don’t f-ck with her, she’s a track star
track star is another name for an interveinous heroin addict. for the way their arms show tracks from syringes.
remember dave from high school …dudes a track star now you should see him, he is skinny like jesus on the cross.
a b–tch that makes a lot of money on the triznack turning tricks.
my b–tch is a track star. i break her off g’s.
a criminal who runs away as soon as he sees the police, and apparently thinks he is a track star for doing so. normally yelled out to notify others someone is pulling a runner.
two police officers break down a door and find a criminal inside. criminal takes off with vcr
police officer 1: “track star!”
a track star is commonly referred to as a really good runner. mostly in the distance events. if you run anywhere from the mile and up and are condsidered top in your school, you are a “track star”.
“what more could you ask for in a girl; she’s hot and a track star!”

a girl who has a hard time taking the d-ck. she makes alot of noise and runs from the d-ck
“i call her track star cuz when we f-ck she runs from me” – lil wayne

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