turning a thing understandable to one group of people to a thing understandable to another.
you quero taco bell! translated as
this is a stupid advertis-m-nt!

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  • ganja fingas

    a way to suggest the need for weed hey man, could you show me where the bathroom is…with your ganja fingas

  • dangleholic

    a person who has an addiction to dangling! dude…you have dangled 3 times this period….i think you are a dangleholic!

  • garden galloper

    a person with a horticultural background who likes to garden with young men. that bob audet is one h-lluva garden galloper!

  • Harvest Fest

    a crazy festival where thousands of people get together to trip b-lls and smoke alot of pot. “man, i went to harvest fest last weekend, and i tripped my f-cking b-lls off! literally! look no b-lls, ma!”

  • Peace with Nine

    a parting phrase, where a person says this and holds up nine (9) fingers. it is based on the parting word, “peace,” but if four and a half (4.5) times better because it uses nine (9) fingers instead of only two (2). david: alright man, see ‘ya. peaches: peace with nine. david: peace with nine.

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